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28 February 2011 @ 09:53 am
I spazzed about onluna a couple days ago with my friends in twitter. they supplied me alot of onluna stuff...Then i remember, hey, i have alot of onluna fancams in my laptop, why not making a gif?? haha then here they are..there's still alot of moment i want to gif but i was so tired last night and just end up making 5 gifs only. SAKGSAKGADSJAGSDASJA why this pairing is so cute idek >.<

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05 June 2010 @ 05:14 pm
The tutorial ^^

Ni buat temen-temen yg masih belum jelas gimana cara masang sound di windows start, exit window, device connect (tiap nyolokin plesdis ato nyopot) dan klo pencet menu ato klik kiri biar ada bunyi2an favorit kita keke~

1. ke menu, pilih control panel


2. habis itu pilih sounds and audio Device


3. Pilih menu sounds


4. Scroll Down pilihan-pilihan programnya


Disitu banyak pilihannya, tapi kalo aku biasanya cuman ngasih sound si start windows, exit windows, device connect, Device Disconnect (nyolok plesdis ama nyabut) sama menu popup  

5. Pilih file wav mana yang mau kamu jadiin sounds di program2 audio tadi ^^


Jadi deh! sekarang coba deh  restart, pas laptop nyala suaranya udah bukan windows yg "ding dong ding" itu tapi suara merdu Onew,,,trus tiap nyolokin flashdish, suara Onew menyertai...(halah bahasanya) dan tiap menu di klik onew selalu memberi salam, "assalamu'alaikum" (itu klo di laptop gw) dan tiap laptop ditutup atau dimatikan..suara onew yg di lagu please don't go "andweyo..andweyoo..." seakan membuat kita menyesal telah menutup laptop.. (itu klo di laptop gw juga)... selamat menikmati! semoga dengan begini, kamu tambah cinta dengan laptop kamu ^^

To Download Onew WAV Files, go here 

24 February 2010 @ 09:12 pm
my onkey blog is temporarily closed. I make it private, only 35 wp users can access it (35 users i choose). I don't know till when i make it closed. All i want is to protect the boys from all negative image by yaoi antis, since i recieved some negative comments about the couple few times and it make me hurt... sorry for this. but i still update my blog for my own pleasure (and for certain friends)... there's still 30 users left who can join. just tell me your wp username then i'll add you so you still can access the blog. hope you understand my decision. sorry for not being able to share onkey love again like i used to do through my blog :(
I don't know if this is worth but anyway, still Onkey in my opinion

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18 May 2009 @ 11:51 am
Title : Juliet
Artist : SHINee

Download MP3 --> Juliet - SHINee

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Mwuahahahahaha... When Key show up His paper, He's like he's win over me.

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I'm a bit shock when i check Roger's site and on the news section there's a message from Roger. it's marriage announcement !! I mean, I remember Roger said that they didn't a rush to get married., because they hadn't planning a wedding yet. So I thought they wouldn't get married at least after Wimbledon Grand Slam in july or maybe after the baby is born... but yeah, after frozed in 5 second i read the message again and I was like...."Yay !! they Got married!! ^^

Here's the message :

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12 April 2009 @ 01:08 am
Gue udah bener2 ga tau mesti curhat ama siapa...
gw bener2 bete. gue rasa forum yg satu itu bias banget. dan gw sebel !!
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10 April 2009 @ 09:33 pm

Omg! HOw can I forget about them ?
Just so you know that I really support every relathionship between Appa and Umma of the Band. In Super Junior, It's Kangin and Leeteuk. And guess what i found after a year ? Oh, thanks God...Kangteuk is still Alive...

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06 April 2009 @ 11:50 pm

My little sister from Bali, cha... made a onkey fanart..it's actually chibi onkey..it looks cute.
She loves Onkey...just like me. And I can't believe she can make a fanart...
Hehehehe... I will keep asking her to produce another Onkey fanart... A Lot !!!

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06 April 2009 @ 12:03 pm

my friend today show me this pic, and i was like... OMG what's this ?

Onew is being sneaky again, but this time.. to Minho ? Did you forget about your wifey already, appa ?


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05 April 2009 @ 12:08 am

I've checked the result, when i read the line, "ROGER WAS KNOCKED OUT" I was like... sigh, and..yeah...again, he lost ...
I know i have to getting used to for his loses recently... HIs carier wasn't as perfect as before. When he was the number one tennis player at the time. BUt...yeah, I sometimes like... it's okay, right.. when i was hoping he would win at least once...
let me remember the last time he lifted the trophy..mmm, it was the US OPEN Grand Slam, last year in september. That was the last time he was the champion so far...
but when the new season of tennis began, he haven't win anything yet...
the best result for this 2009 so far was when he  was the finalist at Australia Open in january... he lost to Nadal, his everlasting nemesis. The world number one tennis player at now...

Today, in Miami master, he lost againts Novak Djokovic, the number three tennis player in the world. He lost 3 sets. at the first set he won, but the last 2 sets, he lost. Kinda dissapointed, I know... that's just too bad for Roger. Lost in semifinal, againts the one...tennis player that i dislike because his less respected to Roger..

But the most  and the thing that got me shock was...he thrown and hit his racket until it's broke!!! 
Seriously, that wasn't my Roger that I know...
Roger never hit or throw his racket! Never ever! (Okay, maybe he did when he was young , but since 2004 he never did that)
But now... in this match... he did. OH, where's my manner Roger ??

Here's the video ...the moment when roger broke the racket...

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I've changed a couple words of the lyrics to make it fit with roger's condition right now...
Oh, i wanna hug him like crazy...

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27 March 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Judul : "Daddy, let me be with Minho!" chapter I
Fandom : SHINee
Pasangan : 2min, Onkey
Rating: mboh !
Genre : sedang-sedang saja
Sinopsis : Onew, Bapak yang posesif.. nggak mau anaknya, taemin deket-deket sama Minho
comment : disuruh ngasih kontribusi, gue nulis aja ini...

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24 March 2009 @ 08:28 am
I love Roger Federer's girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec. Roger and MIrka both are very cute. They are couple and happy. they make cutest tennis couple i've ever seen. they have been together since 2000 Olimpic in Sidney. they both tennis player at the time. But in 2003 Mirka cannot continued his career due to her injury. So since then, she became like Roger's manager or something. She really support his boyfriend and always take care of him. and she's very beautiful indeed. even though there's a lot of peeps who said she's not good enough for Roger because of his look like.. I know she's kinda weight but...i don't care, she's pretty and Roger loves her. it's not like Roger crazy about super skinny model or something. Roger loves her no matter what.

Now, she's pregnant..yay! after 8 years in relationship, finally Mirka is pregnant..
is it cute, right ?
here's the pic where i found mirka appeareance and his stomatch is getting bigger. I can't wait for the baby..really..
they said the baby will born in July...yay!

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